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Double & Couplers

Double & Couplers

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Retractable Pet Dog Double Lead Leash Tangle Dual 2 Dog 50bs Pounds Per Dog

(1) CONVENIENCE - Stop each dog individually. 
(2) HIGH QUALITY - Supports up to 50bs/ 22.7kg per dog. 
(3) SAFETY - The leash is visible at night by reflective Ribbon Cord. 
(4) PREVENT TANGLES - 360 degree spin technology. 
(5) RETRACTABLE - This leash allows freedom for your pets to walk 10 feet in any direction. 
(6) EASY OPERATION - Color coded brakes and leashes so you know which dog to stop. 
(7) COMFORTABLE HANDLE - Ergonomic anti-slip handle make you more comfortable, even on big dogs that are pulling and running.